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About Apex Marketing

Apex Marketing was founded by Rollo Unden, Blaze Vile and Finley Price with the idea to revolutionize the marketing industry with a holistic marketing approach. We wanted to offer a service no one else offered, full-service marketing that is optimized for each platform from Google to Facebook to Instagram.

With our extensive knowledge of social media, growing up and seeing every single trend on every single social platform, we wanted to offer something different. Our approach is to create personalized social media strategies that are not just tuned into the latest trends but are also specifically tailored for Guernsey. We integrate local SEO strategies that effectively connect with the island’s unique market dynamics. This allows us to provide services that no one else is able to offer. Based out of the island of Guernsey, Channel Islands, we are eager to support local businesses.”

Meet Our Team

Our team of experienced marketers is here to drive your brand’s success with innovative strategies and creativity.

Finley Price

Social Outreach Specialist

Rollo Unden

Head of SEO

Blaze Vile

Head of Design

Company History

All of our team at Apex Marketing started individually in the freelance industry but we all envisioned a bigger future for ourselves. Each of us learned the skills necessary to thrive in the digital marketing industry from web development to SEO to building thriving social media platforms.

Expansion was clearly the next move for us so we decided to join forces and found Apex Marketing at the start of 2024, This allowed us to use each of our expertise from Blaze’s eye for design, Rollo’s technical understanding of search engines and Finley’s people skills to create an unstoppable marketing force.

Our varied backgrounds as freelancers give us a unique advantage which most marketing companies lack. A deep understanding of the marketing world and an ability to strategize a plan for each of our partners’ and clients’ businesses.

Our mission is to build a resilient online presence for our clients to maximize the amount of leads they get while making sure they maintain consistency and are unable to be killed by a change in any one platform.

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