Who is Rollo Unden

Rollo Unden is the Co-Founder of Apex Marketing. He is a skilled web developer, SEO and digital marketer with an enthusiasm for helping businesses get more clients. He has a passion for understanding the way that search engines work going deep into semantic SEO, machine learning and entity SEO giving him a unique understanding and ability to predict the future of search engines, these skills make him world-renowned in the field of digital marketing.

He loves learning about everything to do with digital marketing and entrepreneurship and the logistics of business trying to understand exactly how products and services are able to get from raw material all the way to the hands of customers going deep into the logistics of business this unique skill set positions him in the perfect place to help businesses improve their processes and rank of Google and get the highest quality leads and clients to get best customer lifetime value for the businesses he works with.

Rollo first started his journey in digital marketing as a freelance web developer through his personal website rollounden.com, but after not being able to scale he decided to found an agency to help many more clients than he possibly could beforehand. So he decided to use his skillsets to teach a small team his processes and partnered with Blaze Vile (head of design at Apex Marketing), together with Finley Price (Head of Outreach and sales), in order to build an unstoppable marketing team.

Aside from his work at Apex Marketing he also has a passion for affiliate marketing and currently writes for the blogs EverydayOutdoorist.com, and Wintersportswear.co.uk as side projects where he shares his passion and enthusiasm about all things to do with outdoor adventure equipment and winter sports clothing with the world in order to try and help consumers make the best possible decisions.

A Picture of Rollo Unden

If you would like to contact Rollo directly, you can reach him via any of the following methods.

Email: rollo@apexmarketing.co.uk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rollounden/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rollo.unden/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/undenrollo/

Personal Website: https://rollounden.com

Phone: +44 7781 175128

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